Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Wayward Wind

I did not win the $500.

The World Series is one of the many things blowing through my brain this week like The Wayward Wind across the West Texas Desert.

Oh, it's windy.

I have no choice but to tackle these disparate items, one by one, in an entirely disordered and haphazard manner.

No, Tony S. won the World Series dough, and he wasn’t even there to collect it. So I didn’t even get a free beer off the bastard. And now baseball season is over. Until pitchers and catchers report to training camp in March.

Have a good off-season, boys!
I’ve spent the last week or two weatherproofing the deck railing in anticipation of the season that comes after Fall and before Spring. We treated the deck itself in May, but left the railing until now.

This is a “before” photo. See the difference between the deck and the railing? If you can take your eyes off that handsome Schleckah, that is.

This is a “before” photo too, which only shows a tiny part of the railing – the handrail, right there, in the bottom right. But I included this photo because it’s warm and sunny and the beginning of the Summer, way before those wee potted tomato plants became 3- and 4-feet tall.

I don’t have any “after” photos of the deck railing because Bill takes the camera to work every day, and he’s already gone, I did not think ahead.

On Monday I finished the back deck and staircase . . .

Another “before” photo, with no comparative “after” shot.
. . . just in time for Tuesday’s drenching rain. And in deference to the rainy and then the cold weather this week, I’m having myself my own International Film Festival, on my bed, with my laptop.

On Tuesday I saw “The Sea Inside”.
Starring that hot potato Javier Bardem.

Although my mom is still scared of him because of his hair in No Country for Old Men . . .

. . . with good reason.

Released in Spain as “Mar Adentro”, “The Sea Inside” is the story of Ramón Sampedro, who fought an almost 30-year battle to euthanize himself after becoming a quadriplegic at 19 or 20.

This movie was good.

On Wednesday I watched “La Vie En Rose”.

From France, it’s the story of Edith Piaf, the Little Sparrow, who was plucked from singing on the streets to become the toast of Paris.

Marion Cotillard was absolutely adorable when she won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2007.

And if *I* were a member of the Academy, I would have voted for her a million times: she was brilliant.

What else is going on? Ah yes. The Election.

I’m terribly nervous, but hugely cautiously optimistic.

This is the best thing I’ve seen during this campaign, sent to us from our friend Elizabeth, from out Far West Texas Way:
Click here:
. ..

And finally, Halloween. Be careful out there tomorrow night, kids.
Don’t overdo it.


Heinous said...

Yay, go Phils!

The deck looks great. I'll let you know when my fence needs to be redone.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Gotta love that Obama video! Especially the shot of Obama in the cowboy hat. Nice look. Viva!

Sorry about the money, Ellie. I'll buy you a beer the next time I see you though.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

It's weird how that Javier movie poster and naked photo are the exact same image. Weird in a smokin hot potato kind of way. Did you see Vicky Christina Barcelona? sssssssizzle


xup said...


martyjoco said...

Guess maybe it's time for me to see one of those Javier movies.

Ellie? How do you get to watch movies on the computer? Are they just there somehow? Do you pay? [This question is from someone who is paid to administer a computer system all day long... I just don't know how to text or watch movies on computers..]

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I can't believe I didn't mention that I borrow movies on dvd from the library. For free, natch. Waterford Library has a good selection, and you get them for a week. New London's collection is good, too, but not as comprehensive. I saw Junebug and House of Sand and Fog recently (from Waterford) too. Ach, and double Ach, on those.

Heinous, in the words of my Biggest Sister, MB, F*uck the Phils.

Beth, thank you! I will completely take you up on that. What kind, Beer Girl?

And Jacquie, I know. I think I meant to upload a different movie poster -- one of Hot Javi (as I call him) as old man Ramón. I must have been heep-no-tized by that one potato-like image.


KathyR said...

What Jacquie said about Vicky Christina Barcelona. Holy snapping hottie!

Matt said...

It's been a rough two years for Mets fans.

I'd feel for ya if you didn't have a 140 million dollar payroll.

Look what socialism did for the Rays. Go Rays!! Oh's over already. Never mind.

Captain Dumbass said...

I got nothing, I'm just wacked out on all the sugary goodness my kids hauled in tonight. I'll be awake until Monday.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Here's a link to another Viva Obama video, actually the original one our friend Elizabeth sent, which I couldn't find the other day:

And this one's got subtitles.


NucMEd is Hot said...

That last picture is amazing, I may have to steal it for next year!