Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend 3-Way: Know Your Bloggers

Isn’t it about time we introduced ourselves?!

In the spirit of the 3-way blog and the weekend 3-way, each blogger is asked to provide 3 interesting facts about herself.


I still use the present tense when I say the Mistah and I are "On the Road" although we've lived most of 2008 in our houses in Fort Davis Texas, and in New London Connecticut. But for the previous 7-1/2, we've been gallivanting around the country in our 1987 VW Westfalia "Westy" camper, outstaying our welcome with sisters and friends and state parks all over this great land.

I love the summer, and hate the winter.

I'm an auntie extraordinaire, a kidney donor, a gourmand and an oenophile. Which is fancy for I love to eat and drink. And which is also more than 3 facts.


I’m a soon-to-be divorcee currently dating a man born in a Colorado prison. I’ve got two cats, two kids, and too many things to do in any given week. I’m a monkey gemini (the gymnast of the Zodiac) who currently works for an online medical publishing company, but secretly longs to be an acupuncturist. I love to talk, and I love beer. I love to talk while drinking beer, but don’t ask me to laugh while drinking wine, it’s a bad idea.


I am not a neat person. I am not at all Monkish. I want, need, and deserve a housekeeper, but my house is in such a constant state of mess and mayhem that I can not conceive of a way to accomplish this simple goal.

I think my 40s will bring many changes to my life, and I think it will be my best decade yet.

I love to be alone. One of my happy places is in a movie theater, by myself, with a small(ish) popcorn in hand and a bottle of water in my bag, in the seat that I have chosen. I love it when my family has gone to bed and I am in my quiet house. As tired as I might be, I have to force myself to turn off the tv or computer or close the book.
And oh my God, does anyone have a good photo of my face?!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Really, Beth? A Colorado prison?


Anonymous said...

Well, you all seem like you'd be a hoot to hang out with!

So... I came into this late, are you guys friends, or sisters who are friends? (Or does that cross the internet taboo line?)

steenky bee said...

I now find myself oddly jealous of all of you. Ellie: I've always loved you hair and now I love your traveling ways. Beth: Talking and drinking are okay. Just don't operate any heavy machinery. Jacquie: I, too love to be alone. You know what SHOULDN'T be alone? Those boots. I'm taking them the next time I see them.

Unknown said...

Well, it's about time. Now I don't have to do all that guessing.

Anonymous said...

and here I was thinking that it was one chick talking about her thighs.

Cause I have named mine.

Doesn't everyone? *crickets*

Kat said...

Nice to finally "meet" all of you guys!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Peaceable - Ellie is my sister and Beth is my sistah. Sistahs live in San Diego, sister lives in Connecticut but she used to come here sort of a lot in her travelling days.

Jen - I broke out the boots on Friday because it was the first day the temperature dipped below 75,and I was just so happy! I love those thangs.


nicole antoinette said...

This was such a great post. I think I might have to hijack the introduce yourself idea and use it myself!

NucMEd is Hot said...

And I thought just dating a man in prison was good, but you got me beat.

Kathi D said...

Beth, how could you sink so low? A Colorado prison? That must be some kind of wussy country club! A REAL man would have been birthed in the Q! (San Quentin)

I would like to have acupuncture practiced on me. Well, actually, I would like to have it practiced first and then used on me by someone practiced at it.

I also love to be alone, and I would like to hit the road in a motorhome, but my husband won't go with me. I am working out a swap, though, so it may happen one day. I have a Canadian architect in mind who promises to go on The Colonoscopy Tour with me (to be televised in major North American markets).

Aunt Becky said...

Pleased to meet you all.