Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wtf Thursday

Sometimes, not that infrequently, actually, you see things that just don’t make sense. Things that seem to have a major design flaw and leave you scratching your head wondering how they made it to production.

Here’s this Thursday’s case in point: black stemless wine glasses.

I don’t have a problem with stemless wineglasses in general. From a design point they’re actually more functional than traditional stemmed wine glasses, even if they’re not nearly as aesthetically pleasing (in my humble opinion). You see, I like the thin stem, the way it raises the blown-glass bowl up high, so that it catches the light. The stem also provides a place to rest your lower fingers against, and helps to minimize your hands increasing the temperature of chilled wines. I appreciate how delicate the stems are; drinking out of stemmed wine glasses makes me feel almost grown up.

But stemless wineglasses are fine too, and very functional. They break much less easily, which is a good thing (although who doesn’t love buying a whole new set of wine glasses when you break too many of the last set?). And they’re perfect for outside BBQs, around the pool, or other casual occasions.

But black stemless wineglasses? Okay, really, black wine glasses in general? Wtf? Isn’t one of the great things about wine appreciating the amazing color? Especially with reds? Why on earth would you want to hide the beauty of the wine in a black wine glass? It just doesn’t make sense!

My boyfriend received a set of black stemless wine glasses as a birthday gift last year. They’re all wrong.

Who wants to drink wine out of these? A Keoke coffee, maybe, but wine? No. No thank you.

I decided to google “black wine glasses” and found very few. One set that I did find stated that they were, “designed to eliminate the pre-conceptions of a wine prior to tasting.”

Hmm. Sounds like complete caca to me.

Black wine glasses. Wtf?


Unknown said...

I thought you were supposed to drink wine straight from the bottle. You know, kinda like rum.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Heinous. There's nothing that makes you think you're getting away with something than drinking -- wine, rum, vodka -- right out of the bottle.

And Beth? Total caca. WTF, indeed.

Nancy said...

Perhaps they are for drinking Boone's Farm incognito?

Kat said...

That is total caca. I mean what kind of preconceived notion can you have other than it came from a grape and is oh so gooooood.

Anonymous said...

Such a funny post, and such funny comments!

It really is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of - so who gave the gift?

Anonymous said...

Obviously someone who did not like him very much, or who shopped the last-chance sale bin. (And no that would not be me!)

I think you're on to something, Nancy. Maybe they're made for those folks who drink cheap white zin -- that "rose" color can really give you away.

steenky bee said...

Oh, sister. Every day is a WTF Thursday for me. I'm going to build upon what Heinous wrote here and say I thought you were supposed to hold your face under the nozzle on the wine box. The sad part is, I totally saw this happen two weeks ago. True story.

nicole antoinette said...

Black wine glasses are actually called blind tasting glasses. They're for use during wine tastings so you have no preconceptions about what you're drinking based on color or appearance.

Yeah, I work at Williams Sonoma, haha :)

NucMEd is Hot said...

I with you on this, I like a stem on my wine glass.