Monday, October 27, 2008

Leaf Lookin'

I love summer and I hate winter. And frankly, I’m pretty ambivalent about spring and fall. Sure, I love to see the new growth popping up, and I love flowers blooming everywhere, but I would gladly give it all up to hide my head in the sand in the Florida Keys until about June. Change of seasons? Pffftt. Give me hazy hot and humid, any time.

That said, it’s been a spectacular October in Connecticut. On Sunday we had a long ride back from our friend Bruce’s Octoberfest party (you actually can drive 2-½ hours and still be in Connecticut) and the trees are absolutely ablaze with color.

So, although I still wish I were packing up for a winter in Big Pine Key, here is the obligatory Fabulous Fall Festival of Foliage, Connecticut-style. With all credit going, as per, to Mistah, nature photographer extraordinaire and all around swell guy.

Rocky Neck State Park, East Lyme

New London
New London






Who's that in the tree?
Oh, hello Madame Dragonfly.

Froggie likes Amston, too.

New London


Waterford. Or perhaps a movie set trying to look like Connecticut.


Okay, okay. Connecticut in the Fall is beautiful. And next it will be summer again, right?


Heinous said...

Fall is my favorite. If I could get 60-70 degrees all year round, I'd do it.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Are you people for real with your picket fences and wagon wheels?

I do miss the spectacle of autumn, I do. I'm crying all the way to the beach. It's still in the 80s here =)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Yes, you gotta love fall, the temps go up (80s in October is perfect, isn't it?), and the tourists go home. Ah, San Diego in October.... (Hey, Ellie, just get in the Westy and drive west, west, west.)

And Mistah? Wonderful photos, as usual. You should start a home-based business making greeting cards and postcards. They'd sell.

Springer Kneeblood said...

Fantastic photos. Makes me want to come for a visit right now. And, yes, it feels good to have voted!

Kat said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I wish we had falls like that in Missouri. It seems like our fall lasted all of 2.5 seconds most of our leaves are already on the ground thanks to some strong winds we had come through.

Aunt Becky said...

Holy crap! Tree porn! I love it.

Captain Dumbass said...

Tree porn! Hahahahah! Fall has been pretty nice hear too which is strange since it has usually been raining for a month here already.

xup said...

Our beautiful colourful foliage is pretty much gone now and the naked trees await the snow. Yes, it's true, I'm afraid summer is NOT next.

KathyR said...

So pretty!

And, uh, sorry about that winter thing...

Georgie B said...

Almost as nice as the mountain across the street from me.

peaceableimperatrix said...

Ahhhh, Fall in New England. I miss it!

Here in the midwest, we sort of skipped Fall. Summer humidity and heat lingered too long, and we went right to almost-freezing temps.

It meant we haven't had much nice color on the leaves. One day they were green, the next they were brown!

(You know, you can make postcards from photos using Moo. I've made some, and the quality was pretty good. If the Mistah was interested in that suggestion from the earlier comment in this list, that is.)

The Blue Ridge Gal said...

Had a dry summer here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia..... so the colors were not as vivid as yours and did not last as long as we would have wanted. Your colors are pretty much awesome. Snow flurries due this week.... ack ack ack.

Kelley said...

Those are amazing colours!

Me, I hate summer. I prefer Spring, even Winter, over Summer.

Summer sucks.

steenky bee said...

Beautiful! Amazing! Didn't New England invent fall colors?

Trannyhead said...

Aww - shizzle. I love the fall. I mean - HALLOWEEN is in teh fall and, of course, it is totally hawt.